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Kirby's Story

“You need faith to heal you now,
Hope to bring you around,
Love to be your best friend,
Be with you ‘til the end.
— Chorus of "Faith"
Photo by Scott Munn,  PhotoMunn

Photo by Scott Munn, PhotoMunn

Transformation and hope were brought together on stage at the Mental Health Foundation's A Different Stage of Mind event on February 20, 2015. Kirby Putnam performed as James Taylor, a known folk musician who suffered with depression and was often hospitalized for his illness.

Singing hits “Fire and Rain” and “Carolina on My Mind” Kirby embodied Taylor’s voice and manner. Yet it turned out the biggest transformation of all was when Kirby performed as himself, singing the song “Faith,” he and sister Natalie had written for their brother Andrew. This performance earned a standing ovation and a complete audience sing-along. Kirby was also the winner of the night’s People’s Choice Award.

Andrew and Natalie as children

Andrew and Natalie as children

Dr. Andrew Putnam, a family doctor, was a loving and compassionate man who spent much of his time helping those less fortunate. Andrew also struggled with mental illness and, in the end, could not overcome his obstacles. Kirby dedicated his performance as an A Different Stage of Mind Star and fundraising efforts to Andrew. He continues to support the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia in Andrew’s memory.

"I am proud to say I shared Andrew’s story with the sold-out audience, perhaps giving them a more profound sense of the importance of faith, hope and love for those living with mental illness that goes beyond special events," says Kirby.

The need for mental health support is ongoing and very real. It is amazing how little financial funding a program needs to make a transformational change in someone’s life. The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia provides grants for as little as $500 (that is just over $40/month) with all money donated staying in Nova Scotia for such programs as art therapy, music therapy, community engagement and life skills.

A monthly donation allows greater capacity for mental health success in Nova Scotia, ensuring no one finds themselves facing a mental illness alone.

"Losing Andrew was the hardest thing I have ever had to experience. Having faith and hope for others living with mental illness by supporting the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia is one of the easiest. A monthly donation ensures ongoing support for those who need it the most."

Kirby's song "Faith," his personal and uplifting tribute to Andrew, launched at Let's Keep Talking on May 6, 2015, and is now available for purchase online at mentalhealthns.ca. All proceeds will support the Foundation in funding mental health programs and services across Nova Scotia.