Cynthia's Story

The most rewarding part of hosting this fundraiser was seeing all the big smiles and happiness from the participants... and I’m not just talking about the joy of dancing! There was joy in their faces from knowing that they had contributed to something positive!

Cynthia McGrath is a Zumba® instructor who found a way to ‘actively’ make a difference.

“Exercise helps clear our minds, de-stress, and rejuvenate,” she says. Channeling her passion for Zumba® into a fun, fitness-based event to support the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia just made sense.

Cynthia organized the first ever Zumbathon ® for Mental Health as a community fundraiser in May 2014, and engaged her employer, Scotiabank, to match proceeds through its Match-a-Fund program. Colleagues came to the event to take part and volunteer.

With over 80 participants, and plenty of donated raffle items, the first event raised $5,000 for the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.

It was a huge success- Cynthia immediately began hearing positive feedback and requests for a second event. Zumbathon ® has now become an annual community fundraiser. The second event was held in May 2015, and raised over $5,400.

While preparing for her first Zumbathon ®, Cynthia read some stories from the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. “I had tears in my eyes, and goose bumps after realizing how many people are affected by mental illness. At that moment it really hit me how worthwhile this effort was.”

Community fundraisers help build greater capacity for mental health programs and services in Nova Scotia. People like Cynthia are helping to change the way people think about mental illness!

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 Story photography generously provided by Scott Munn, PhotoMunn.