You can help change the way people think!


Lana's Story


Time to let things go,
Unwrap the gifts and embrace,
We can all be a part of this holiday...
Changing the way people think!

The idea for the Christmas song Changing the Way People Think came to Lana Grant in one of those ‘light-bulb moments’ and she just had to act. As a singer/songwriter, Lana finds unique ways to bring people together, create change, increase awareness and provide hope.

She wrote the song for a group, to showcase how Christmas looks very different for everyone. With the help of generous artists, philanthropists Fred and Elizabeth Fountain, and other supporters, her song reminds all Nova Scotians about the struggles many face not only during the holiday season, but year-round.


Lana’s connection to mental illness isn’t simple, but it’s easy to understand. She doesn’t live with mental illness, but someone she loves does. Her niece has struggled with mental illness her entire life.

To add an additional layer to her story, as well as being a mother, wife, songwriter and performer, she is also a Police/Fire Dispatcher and 911 Operator. She sends officers and firefighters to situations most people would choose to run away from. She speaks with callers who are having the worst day of their lives. She has also spoken to those who have decided to end their life, while on the phone with her.


She notes, “I can sit and reflect on all the things I hear and the things I experience and let that bother me or I can take that and make something positive and beautiful happen...”

And she did.