OPENING DOORS -                         END FAMILY VIOLENCE

The Opening Doors - End Family Violence (ODEFV) project was a series of traveling workshops aimed at providing rural areas in Nova Scotia with information and resources to better understand mental illness and addictions, and links to family violence.

The free workshops were designed to educate and entertain, featuring presentations by mental health experts (on a range of topics identified by each community), first-voice speakers, an entertainment component, a Q & A opportunity, and take-home resources. 

The workshops were created based on the input of community leaders, volunteers and mental health/family violence advocates in each location. Each session was presented in a safe space, free of judgment.

ODEFV is sponsored by the Department of Justice Canada (Justice Partnership and Innovation Program) and Lawtons Drugs.



We also call our monthly donor program Opening Doors. Learn more below.

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ODEFV visited the following areas in 2015-2016:
Annapolis Valley
Millbrook First Nation
Cape Breton



OPENING DOORS- monthly donors

Monthly donations to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia open doors for individuals living with mental illness.  Assimilating back into the community can be a scary and often difficult time.  Having access to special services and programs funded by the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia helps with recovery and integration.  

A monthly donation allows greater capacity for mental health success in Nova Scotia.

The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia provides grants for as little as $500 (that is just over $40/month) with all money donated staying in Nova Scotia and making a difference in the lives of those living with mental illness and their families.

There are more than 200,000 people living with mental illness in Nova Scotia. Join our community of support to ensure no one in Nova Scotia finds themselves facing a mental illness alone.

Together, we are keeping doors open. Together we are changing the way people think about mental illness.