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ROD's Story

He is me.

He never thought it would happen to him…

He was an accomplished and respected doctor - it couldn’t be his fate.  Then out of the blue, wham! It hit him like a big dark truck. 

He didn’t see it coming and was ashamed of its presence.  He was never ashamed of being gay, but being depressed was different. 

He was worried: what would his patients think?  Would they still trust him?  Would his colleagues think he was incompetent?  Would this battle with depression result in the end of his career?

It didn’t.

Today he is alive, well and proud of the person he is. He is grateful for the care and help provided to him. 

He celebrates life and enjoys the joy and beauty of every single day. 

“He is me.” – Dr. Rod Wilson

Thank you to Dr. Rod Wilson for sharing your story with us.  You are helping us change the way people think about mental illness and putting the spotlight on where we’ve been, where we currently are, and where we hope to go.