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We Believe

it’s important to get people of all ages talking. Click here to request a speaker today!

Providing hope and eradicating stigma are important components of the Mental Health Foundation’s Strategic Direction. With that in mind, we welcome the opportunity for speaking engagements. Our team has presented to students of all ages, church groups, community organizations and workplaces with our Lunch and Learn program. Our message is simple – mental illness is not a weakness and there is hope for recovery!

Speaking requests may be made for Foundation Staff or Board Executives, Trustees, Volunteers, or Grant/Award Recipients to speak to your organization or group about the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia’s mission, vision, impact and opportunities. Due to limited resources, we are not able to accommodate all speaker requests, however we will do our best to find you a suitable alternative if we cannot meet your needs. Please click here to fill out our speaker request form.

Speaking Fees

The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia does not have a set fee for speaking requests. However, as a nonprofit organization our main goal is to increase financial support to community initiatives throughout the province. While we recognize the importance of speaking opportunities to provide hope and eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction, our priority is to ensure as much of the funds raised as possible are directed to mental health programming and services. Therefore, we ask organizations requesting a speaker to make a donation to the Foundation that will help cover the costs of staff time, travel and print materials for the event. (We recognize this is not possible for everyone and will do our best to accommodate requests from community groups, non-profits and organizations who are unable to do so.)

Thank you for helping us continue to change the way people think.

The personal stories shared and comfortable atmosphere allowed for people to not only feel safe to discuss and connect but to recognize mental health is something that affects us all.
— Lunch and Learn Participant

"I believe that attending a Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia presentation saved my life." ~Tori L.