Judi's Story

Judi Quann  Let’s Keep Talking 2019 Outstanding Senior

Judi Quann

Let’s Keep Talking 2019 Outstanding Senior

If you walk down the ninth floor of Northwood Manor, you’ll discover an art display. One painting stands out: a large white schooner set amidst dark skies and white-capped waters. Judi Quann describes it as a metaphor for her life.

Judi Quann has overcome many challenges with mental illness and addiction to get to where she is today. Her first husband struggled with mental illness upon returning from service in Bosnia which led to her own experience with depression and their divorce. Her second marriage ended abruptly when her family detected signs of mental distress.

When Judi arrived at Northwood three years ago, she was encouraged to take advantage of the services offered through her Mental Health & Wellness Support program. Proudly funded by the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia, Seeds of Success helps residents living with mental illness find balance in all aspects of life through weekly programming.

Now Judi paints so much that she has brightened the hallway for residents and staff. She also continually makes time for her fellow seniors. Despite her exhausting tri-weekly dialysis treatments, Judi goes out of her way to help others

 “I don’t think about it. Honestly, I don’t,” says Judi. “Sometimes it’s just a quick help and other times it’s a hug or whatever. Once I know they’re ok, I just get on with other stuff.”

Once caught in a storm, Judi has emerged stronger, full of creativity and more compassionate than ever before. She continues to inspire others with her positive outlook and resiliency every day.

The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia is proud to present Judi Quann with the 2019 Let’s Keep Talking Award for Outstanding Senior. Congratulations, Judi!