A Different Stage of Mind


BMO Bank of Montreal’s A Different Stage of Mind (DSOM) is one of the Mental Health Foundation‘s signature fundraisers. It invites brave community leaders to take the stage in support of Nova Scotians living with mental illness. These community leaders become our STARS and leading up to the big night, give their time and talent to prepare a showstopping performance and fund raise $50,000 for mental health.

The Mental Health Foundation encourages guests, supporters and FANS to sponsor their favourite star’s fundraising goal online. They can make a donation, and buy tickets or tables under their name. Over the course of 15 years, DSOM has raised nearly 3 million dollars which in turn has been reinvested into communities across the provinces for mental health programs and support services.

BMO Bank of Montreal’s A Different Stage of Mind invites community leaders and local celebrities to step out of their comfort zone and give back to mental health in a big way. The event shines a spotlight on mental illness and illuminate the lives of the one in five Nova Scotians who live with mental illness. 

A Different Stage of Mind 2019

A Different Stage of Mind

Hall of Fame


Catherine Campbell Diane Campbell Jon Cyr Cyril Lunney Maggie MacGillivray Sarah Ellen Morrison The Lunch Bunch


Chris Huskilson Bruce Marchand David Landrigan Mike Roberts Barb Hall Paula Bond Marc Champoux Jeff Theriault Jamie Loughery Brian Wood Ian MacInnis Robert Zed & the Men of the Deeper Pockets

Richard Florizone
Peter Fardy
Catherine Bagnell Styles
Joan Jessome
Gloria McCluskey
Crystal Wentzell
Lindsay Peach
Sherry Donovan
Dawn MacLachlan
Adam Fleiger

Sharon Resky
Kevin Davison
Matt Burgar
Jennifer Gillivan
Tracy Kitch
Women for Mental Health Choir

Michele Bianchini & friends
Holly Bond
Marc Champoux
Lisa Gallivan
Brian Himmelman
Eva Hoare
Nancy Ford Johnston
Kim King
Jody McComb MacDonald
Diane Paquette
Kirby Putnam
David Regan
Miriam Regan
Carol Ritchie
Dan Stuart
Jeff Theriault
Women for Mental Health Choir

Danny Chedrawe
Sarah Dennis
Mickey MacDonald
Rob Steele

Eleanor Humphries
Jim Mills
Paul O’Regan
Stephen Plummer

George Caines
Ruth Goldbloom
Fred MacGillvray
Nancy Regan
Ken Rowe
Robert Zed

Paula Bond & Barbara Hall
Jenna Conter & Adam Conter
Bernard Doucet
Men for Mental Health Choir
Dan Merzetti

Carolyn Booth
Robert Logan
Pete Luckett
Denyse Sibley
Jim Spatz
Robert Zed & Men of the Deep Pockets

Jenna Conter
Ron Lovett
Geoff Machum & Andrew Machum
Nancy MacCredy –Williams

Jodi Bartlett
Malcolm Fraser
Bruce Marchand
Michael O’Hara

Dennis Campbell
Dr. Howard Conter & Adam Conter
Mike Hachey
Shawn King
Shannon MacDonald
Tom Ruth

Michael Bonner
Greg Grice
Kevin Hamm
Ann Mackenzie
Anne McGuire 

Jamie Baillie
Stephen Lund
George McLellan
Chris Power

Peter Hendrickson
Colin MacDonald
Marilla Stephenson
Bob VanWart