Our Donors

We are all mental health advocates. If you encourage dialogue surrounding mental illness in our communities, you are making a difference.

Our donors give monthly, attend events, HUG, host events and help us change the way people think about mental illness everyday. 

We like to recognize our generous donors in the following ways:

A Foundation Friend gives over $100 a year

A Foundation Builder gives over $500 a year

A Foundation Leader gives over $1,000 a year

A Foundation Champion gives over $5,000 a year

A Foundation Visionary gives over $10,000 a year

These gifts help in so many different ways from supplying art supplies for art therapy, drums for music therapy, flowers and soil for an outdoor garden, to building infrastructure and innovative programs all in support of wellness and recovery.

We gladly acknowledge our donors on our website, annual report and through social media. We also encourage donors to attend our annual and special events and further connect with our community of support.