Photos by Scott Munn,  PhotoMunn

Photos by Scott Munn, PhotoMunn

Final Fundraising Tally


Thank you to all supporters and donors!


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Leanne Andrecyk
Suzanne Bachur
Christine Bishop
Sheila Blair Reid 
Krista Connell
Lindsay Cross
Tracy Crowell
Laurie Cruess
Jane Davies
Nadine Jacquart
Tracy Kitch

Rose Landry
Georgia Lloyd
Nancy MacCready-Williams
Alison MacDonald
Cheryl MacLeod
Carol MacMillan
Jo-Anne McLean
Toni Melanson
Kathy Mills
Bethany Moffat
Christine Morrison Grace

Crystal Murray
Colleen Nolan
Maura Nolan
Sharon Resky
Sarah Riley
Ruth Rogers
Susan Spence Wach
Sherri Topple
Mara Vizzutti
Natalie Woodbury

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