The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia is proud to offer the 2018-19 annual Pictou County Community Grant.

Community volunteers Lily DeYoung and Shawna Coleman wanted to change the way people think about mental illness in Pictou county. Together, they organized “Models for Mental Health,” a consignment fashion show in partnership with Marj Hatherley. The annual event has been a resounding success. All proceeds raised by the event will be allocated to Pictou County as per Lily and Shawna’s request to make a difference where they live.

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We are accepting applications for this annual grant from January 4, 2018 to February 23, 2018. 

You can also visit our Community Grants page to apply for a general grant (bi-annual.)



This funding is open to individuals, agencies and organizations with a mental health mandate and those who work directly with mental health consumers in Pictou County. 

This grant follows the same annual application process and general criteria as our Community Grants.

*Please note: Applications based out of Pictou County can also qualify for regular Community Grants funding. This grant is in place to make additional funding available.

Please consult our FAQ section for further information and direct any additional questions to grants@mentalhealthns.ca or 902.464.6000.


Successful grants (2017-18)

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The Bright Smiles Project - Pictou County Mental Illness Family Support Association (website)
The Bright Smiles Project will provide for dental services, over a twelve month period, for adults living with a documented mental illness.  The participants must live in Pictou County and have incomes substantially lower than the general population.  Each participant will receive a full dental exam, bite-wing x-rays, up to four units of scaling, ½ unit of polishing, treatment and a recall exam and cleaning after one year.  They will also be provided with oral care products for the year, education and information on caring for their teeth, proper nutrition, and the effects of smoking and medications that cause dry mouth. 

Music Makes Connections - Maritime Odd Fellows Home (website)
A high percentage of residents in long term care suffer from depression, anxiety and loneliness, particularly residents living with mental illness and dementia. Music therapy has been proven to be an effective non pharmaceutical approach to alleviating these symptoms in our population. Music therapy modalities help to improve self-awareness, build relationships, and improve communication, self-expression and socialization.


Successful grants (2016-17)

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Pictou County Roots for Youth - Spreading the Word: How to Access Mental Health Services in Pictou County (website)
Spreading the Word is an awareness program designed to help youth better navigate the mental health system in their community.

The Pictou County Centre for Sexual Health - Impacts of Mental Health on Sexual Health (website)
Through a series of free workshops, the program will present a variety of topics that will educate individuals on the interconnection between mental illness and sexual health.

Mental Health & Addictions, Pictou County (Nova Scotia Health Authority) -HEADSTRONG- a Youth Anti-Stigma Initiative (website) HEADSTRONG will involve day-long youth anti-stigma summits for students and teachers from several high schools. The group will hear first-person stories and engage with individuals who have lived experience with mental illness (referred to as contact-based education), challenge their own stereotypes, and begin to plan what they can do in their own schools over the course of the academic year.

Successful grants (2015-16)

Nova Scotia Health Authority, Pictou County Mental Health & Addictions - New Hope Art Therapy Program (website)
The New Hope Program provides psychosocial rehabilitation programming to clients age 19 and over who are living with severe and persistent mental illness. In 2014, clients and their family members enjoyed a one-day Art Therapy Workshop.  Clients now have an interest in furthering their involvement in painting and other forms of art for sell-expression, therapeutic recreation, and potentially as a cottage industry.  Anticipated benefits include increased quality of life, increased self esteem, and decreased stress.


Nova Scotia Health Authority, Pictou County Mental Health & Addictions - Preserving Our Mental Health (website)
The New Hope Program provides psychosocial rehabilitation programming to clients age 19 and over who are living with severe and persistent mental illness. The New Hope Program provides a number of opportunities to participate in programs that provide structure, enhance self esteem, and facilitate client progress toward pre-vocational and social skill goals. One such project is a cottage industry entitled “Preserving your Mental Health” which produces high quality jams, jellies and pickles for sale to the public. Preserve products are put on display at any public presentations, events and walks to combat stigma of mental illness.  Proceeds from preserve sales come back to members to support group recreational outings and community meals.


Summer Street Industries - Stand Up, Speak Out Program (website)
The purpose of Stand Up, Speak Out is to provide support for people with disabilities surrounding their mental health and to promote discussion and a voice for advocacy for the intellectually disabled in hopes of eliminating stigma around mental illness.  Our project will provide education and information on aspects of mental health and mental illness to our clients in a group setting.  We will focus on developing a supporting resource library as well as providing presentations and workshops on many mental health related topics.  This project will help build self-confidence, self-esteem, improve social skills and work related skills of our clients.