Making a Difference

With the support of large donors and corporate sponsors, the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia is continually able to increase programs and services throughout Nova Scotia for mental illness and addiction, improving lives, providing hope, and eradicating stigma.

 Today, corporate social responsibility is no longer a nice-to-do.  People want to know more about the companies with whom they do business.


When companies support social or environmental issues, consumer affinity increases:


  • 96% of global citizens have a more positive image of the company


  • 94% are more likely to trust the company


  • 93% are more loyal to the company (i.e., continue buying products or services)


Few causes are as moving as fighting for children’s health.


Partnering your company with SickKids is the ultimate example of the phrase, “doing well by doing good.” And while the partnership is good for your business, it’s absolutely vital to ours. 


SickKids is your ideal partner – we will create unique opportunities to suit your business needs – delivering brand support, illustrating impact through unique activations.

Foundation partners support us year-round through sharing expertise, providing guidance and helping us change the way people think about mental illness through their business acumen.

We hope you’ll take a moment to get to know our generous corporate partners!


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