Powerful Women Create Powerful Brands


The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia is celebrating International Women’s Day with recognition for its outstanding work. Canadian marketing publication, Strategy, has listed The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia as one of Canada’s Top 100 brands in their 2019 Creative Report Card. The Foundation is ranked at 92 alongside Loblaw and Nissan. The annual report ranks brands, agencies, advertisers and creatives to showcase the country’s best in marketing. The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia’s creative partners, Arrivals and Departures has also been recognized as one of the Top 30 Agencies, ranked at 27.

“The timing of this honour couldn’t be more appropriate”, says President and CEO Starr Cunningham. “Our small team of six women is passionate about making a mark and changing the way people think. As our brand continues to grow, so too does our commitment to the more than one in five Nova Scotians who live with mental illness and addictions.”

The Mental Health Foundation is extremely proud of the work it does to improve the lives of Nova Scotians living with mental illness and their loved ones. This recognition coinciding with International Women’s Day is indicative that the charity’s all-women team is making great strides in raising funds and awareness for mental illness and addiction.