Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia celebrates fourth annual HUGS for Mental Health giving campaign

In an increasingly digital world, it becomes harder to engage with one another on a deeper level when distanced by ever-present screens, clicks, and keypads. Further, when mental illness –an all too-often silent topic- is added to this equation, expressions of support and compassion can easily go unspoken. But with 1 in 5 Nova Scotians living with a mental illness, mental health is an issue that touches us all- and we all care about- because we all know more than 5 people.

Kicking off National Mental Health week (October 2 - 8,) HUGS is a giving campaign that makes donating easy. By texting the word “HUGS” to 45678, mobile users can make a $5.00 donation to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. Non-mobile users are invited to give their HUG of any value online at, or by phone: (902) 464-6000.

The funds raised through HUGS are attributed to funding mental health programs, services, and initiatives in the province through the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia community partnerships and annual grants program.

HUGS is about sharing. A HUG text verification or donation card can be forwarded to the individual in mind, to let them know they are not alone. A HUG can be given on behalf of someone who is having a tough day, marking a special occasion; experiencing a big life-change… reasons to HUG are unlimited.

Online, the HUGS Community encourages sharing stories of HUGS, celebrating successes, and thanking HUG Heroes who have been inspiring as guides or explorers on the path to mental wellness.

Misunderstanding, stigma, and exclusion are no match for the reassurance, compassion, and warmth of HUGS. If a $5.00 HUG was donated for every one of the 200,000 individuals living with a mental illness in Nova Scotia, $1 million could be raised and reinvested in making sure they live well in our province. Join the Mental Health Foundation in this goal: A little HUG goes a long way.

Embrace good feelings. Embrace mental wellness for all. Send your HUG today.

About the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia

The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia is a registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of Nova Scotians living with mental illness and their loved ones.  We raise funds for vital programs and services that help make this possible, province-wide.



Jennifer Lewandowski, Communications Lead
Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia
T: (902) 464-3210