The personal stories shared and the interactive session for Q & A allowed for a comfortable atmosphere for people to not only feel safe to discuss and connect, but to recognize that mental health is something that can affect us all.
— Lunch and Learn participant

Our team has presented to students of all ages, church groups, community organizations and workplaces, with our Lunch and Learn program. Our message is simple – mental illness is not a weakness and there is hope for recovery!

Heightening awareness and reducing stigma is an important component of the Mental Health Foundation’s Strategic Plan. With that in mind, we welcome requests for public speaking.



We believe

it’s important to get people of all ages talking. 

Please contact us if you’re interested in having a member of our team speak at your event, school, or office.

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The Mental Health Foundation is also proud to facilitate a new iPad lending library for clients of the Nova Scotia Hospital. Learn more about this educational initiative


"Those of us who attended found it very enlightening and inspirational and we left the meeting with a promise to start talking about mental health with those around us to help break down the stigma around mental illness and help change the way people think about mental illness.” ~ Lunch & Learn participant

"The format of sharing personal stories was a very effective way to help the group relate to mental health, feel a comfort level with talking about mental health and feel inspired by the candid discussion of the impact that it has had on all of the presenters.  We have a lot of energy coming from the group that attended and we are trying to use it as momentum to encourage change within the organization with regards to mental health." ~Lunch & Learn participant

“My students really enjoyed your presentation, and I think they truly got a lot out of it.  I asked them a few days later to see how many had talked to someone about mental health, and I'd say about 90% of the class raised their hands.” :) – Grade 12 teacher

Tori L. -Photo by Scott Munn,  PhotoMunn

Tori L. -Photo by Scott Munn, PhotoMunn

“After this conference my favourite subject in school (besides gym, recess and lunch) is health!” – Grade 5 student

"I believe that attending a Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia presentation saved my life."
~Tori L.