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The Pathways SHIMI Healthy Food Initiative

Pathways to Employment 

Pathways to Employment and the members of the SHIMI units will partner to develop a small-scale gardening project at each of the 11 SHIMI properties. Each property will have two raised-bed garden plots to be used for edible produce and a small portion of one to be used for flowers.



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Pictou County Mental Illness Family Support Association (website)

The Bright Smiles Project will provide for dental services, over a twelve month period, for adults living with a documented mental illness.  The participants must live in Pictou County and have incomes substantially lower than the general population.  Each participant will receive a full dental exam, bite-wing x-rays, up to four units of scaling, ½ unit of polishing, treatment and a recall exam and cleaning after one year.  They will also be provided with oral care products for the year, education and information on caring for their teeth, proper nutrition, and the effects of smoking and medications that cause dry mouth. 

Active Therapy: a positive step towards improved mental health

Riverview Volunteer Association (website)

This program aims to increase the physical activity of it's residents and improve their mental health. The goals of the program are to obtain improvements in the overall Mental Health of the Riverview Home residents,to realise these improvements individually over a varied time period depending on the individual and to identify for each individual the best therapy that results in the targeted improvements.