The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia provides financial support to individuals and organizations province-wide to undertake programs or services that will benefit the mental health of individuals throughout Nova Scotia.


The Foundation awards grant funding on a bi-annual basis to reflect the frequency of funding needs. Please review our criteria carefully before applying and consult our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.  

We recommend those who are seeking funding for year-round programming or funding over $10,000 apply in January. All other applicants have the option to apply when funding is needed. (Please keep the length of the granting process in mind and apply accordingly.)



Submissions Open
First call: January 4, 2019
Second call: July 4, 2019

Submissions Close
4:00pm, February 22, 2019
August 15, 2019

Funding Awarded
April 2019
September 2019



The Foundation strives to fund programs that are developed by Nova Scotians who are passionate about changing the way people think about mental illness. 

Each submission must meet the following criteria to be forwarded to the Grants Committee for scoring:

  • clearly state the project's objective

  • clearly state the project's timeline

  • clearly state the project's budget

  • align with the Foundation's Mission and Vision

  • assist the Foundation in generating at least two of the following: awareness, recognition, relationships and growth

  • impact an appropriate number of people

  • align with the Foundation's Gift Acceptance Policy

  • have proper attention paid to the overall quality (spelling, grammar, completeness, readability, etc.)

  • be unique (no copy & paste) and compelling

Funding for the following will not be considered:

  • requests over $25,000 will not be accepted

  • research

  • conferences, sponsorships or annual fundraising campaigns

  • operating expenses (except initially for new undertakings)

  • operating deficits

  • projects that should normally be funded by government

  • general endowment funds

  • building construction

  • equipment, improvements or undertakings that are essentially commercial

  • projects outside Nova Scotia

***Note to successful applicants***

Funds not spent during the current fiscal year must be returned to the Foundation, along with your Final Report.  

Please consult our FAQ section for further information and direct any additional questions to Grants Lead or 902.464.6000.