td music therapy program

Since September 2015, the TD Music Therapy Program has delivered music therapy as a means of recovery and integration for those living with mental illness. The program, wholly owned by TD, offers weekly sessions for participants from diverse populations at the Nova Scotia Hospital and affiliated organizations.

TD is a strong promoter of music and accessibility of services for all, making this program an ideal fit for their philanthropic goals. Music therapy is a creative therapeutic approach that uses music and musical experiences to restore, maintain, and/or improve the physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual health of a person. It is the combination of the music itself and the relationship formed between the therapist and clients through music that work together to bring about positive change.

Music therapy for those living with mental illness can enhance other therapies, allow for unique self-expression and understanding as well as promote active participation in one's own treatment.

This year-long pilot project has already had significant impact on clients and staff at the Nova Scotia Hospital and Connections Dartmouth units. Group and one-on-one sessions with a certified music therapist improves overall well-being and enhances other therapies.