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Nadine's Story

You don’t need to wonder about how much time Nadine spent living at Simpson Landing on the Nova Scotia Hospital site. She’s always more than happy to share…

455 days… but who’s counting!

Nadine is.

455 days is a long time to spend living in transitional care. For more than 70 weeks, this charismatic young woman focused on becoming self-sufficient. She worked closely with occupational therapists, met with various doctors, and honed in on learning everyday life skills. Her dedication was unwavering. Her goal was simple. Nadine wanted to live on her own.

Simpson Landing is part of the Nova Scotia Health Authority Central Zone's Recovery and Integration Strategy. It’s the first facility of its kind in Atlantic Canada. The supported living environment can treat up to 40 mental health consumers from across the province at any given time. It’s designed to help make the hospital-to-home transition easier for patients and their families. It certainly worked for Nadine.

At the beginning of this year, she made the move from Simpson Landing to an apartment of her own. She’s now looking to secure work, and stays connected to her family and friends by using local transit. Nadine says she’s happy to have her own place. It’s evident when you see the extra sparkle in her eye as she talks about the way she decorates.

The Mental Health Foundation is a proud supporter of Simpson Landing. Together with CDHA, the Foundation contributed $1.7 million to the bungalow project. The Foundation also contributes regular grants to programs that help residents, such as Nadine, make the move from hospital to home. Thank you. Your donations help us change the way people think about long-term recovery and integration!

Story photography generously provided by Lori Buhlman.
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