2015 Market stand suRVEY

Your feedback about BTOR’s first year is hugely appreciated.  Thank you!

How did you first hear about BTOR's market stand?
Do you work at the Nova Scotia Hospital?
How often did you buy from the stand during the growing season?
When I bought from the stand, I usually bought:
Please rate the following statements:
Please rate the following statements:
The produce and stand looked great.
The quality of the produce was high.
The pricing of the produce was fair.
The service was great.
The diversity of produce was great.
The location was convenient and worked well.
Thursday afternoon was a good time for the stand.
My consumption of fresh produce increased because of the stand.
Do you also regularly attend another local farmers’ market?
Please identify where you normally get your fresh fruits and vegetables:
Check all that apply
When shopping for produce, how important are the following items? (Please identify your top 3):
Check all that apply
How do you find the quality of the product from BTOR to compare with your other sources?
Is there any produce you didn’t see and wish was available?
BTOR can use my comments in their annual report or upcoming funding applications: