Hugs for Mental Health

A HUG donation sent via text is a simple, direct contribution that is as powerful, personal and significant as a real hug.


1 in 5 Nova Scotians are facing a mental illness. If $5 was donated for every individual living with a mental illness in our province, $1 million could be raised and reinvested in community initiatives and support systems.


How to Hug

Text HUGS to 45678 to automatically make a $5 donation to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.

  1. Open 'Compose', 'Write', 'New Message,' or 'Text' on your mobile phone.
  2. In the 'To' or 'Recipient' field, enter "45678." Type "HUGS" as your message and hit 'Send.'
  3. You will receive a verification message from ZipGive.
  4. Respond "YES" to this message to confirm your donation. Cost will be charged through your mobile provider. Read our FAQ section to learn more.
  5. You can forward your confirmation onward to someone you care about to let them know you're thinking of them.


A little hug goes a long way. Send a hug today.

*Always text responsibly. Please do not text while driving.*



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HUGS 101

In October 2015, we hosted our first HUGS 101 Post-Secondary Challenge! Learn more about the initiative here