25th annual compass group canada
festival of trees


Thank you for helping us celebrate our silver anniversary and 25 years of holiday memories!

It’s hard to believe that the 25th Festival of Trees has come to a close and that planning for 2017 is already upon us. This year’s events were full of great accomplishments and memorable moments meeting guests impacted by mental illness, as well as interacting with volunteers who are carrying out impactful work in this field. We are humbled by the support and success you have so selflessly provided us with and are really looking forward to the year ahead.

Together, we can continue to make an incredible difference in the lives of Nova Scotians living with mental illness and their loved ones. 

Thank you for helping us change the way people think about mental illness in 2016.

Shannex holiday luncheon

Friday, November 25th
WTCC Halifax


Saturday, November 26th
WTCC Halifax

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters! 

Festival of Trees was made possible by the generous support and dedication of many. We are so grateful to all our 2016 sponsors and supporters for helping us celebrate 25 years of holiday memories and for helping us change the way people think about mental illness in 2016.



Have you ever wondered how the Festival of Trees idea sprouted up?

It all started to grow 25 years ago, when the late Charles V. Keating stepped forward with a vision to create a community of support for Nova Scotians living with mental illness.

Back in 1986, Charles, along with his close friend J.R. Shaw, attended a holiday fundraiser in support of the University Hospital in Edmonton.

Something about the event struck a chord with him. He knew a very important seed had been planted. After that special evening, his vision became clear, and our Festival of Trees was born.

Everyone at the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia is incredibly proud of what
Charles, and his family, achieved. We are enormously grateful to our Festival’s
Founding Father. Thanks to his dedication, the Compass Group Canada’s Festival of Trees has flourished into an annual weekend event that has raised over $7 million since its inception.

It’s easy to see, why our roots run so deep!


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