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The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia is so proud of this project and all it represents. A community came together, linked by the cause, and something incredible was born.

A project like this doesn’t just happen. Much like a Christmas celebration, it takes a lot of planning, hard work and dedication. It also takes generous friends!

We’d like to express our deep gratitude to Fred and Elizabeth Fountain – the funders of Changing the Way People Think... At Christmas. The Fountains are well-known for their philanthropy and kindness. We are incredibly appreciative of their support, not just with this project, but all year long.

We’d also like to say a genuine thank you to all of the artists who donated their time and talent. Your hearts are as beautiful as your voices. Or, in Ingrid Singing Grass' case, your paintings!

Thanks as well to our friends at Revolve. Your branding expertise always makes us shine.

Thank you to Rob Sobey and Lawton's for helping our music and message reach all corners of the province.

Thank you to our wonderful, dedicated distribution committee volunteers : Gail Sloane, Carmella Gillis, and Catherine MacNeil.

Sincere thanks to the amazing Chris lannetti. Your production skills go well beyond music. Thank you for producing a project that will inspire hope.

And finally, there’s Lana. To say thank you hardly seems enough. Your incredible passion for this cause and your exuberant personality are unmatched. We will always be grateful you chose us. Thank you for helping us change the way people think about mental illness. xo


All songs for this compilation CD were donated to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia by the contributing artists.
2014 Granite Records. Made in Canada. Executive Producer: Lana Grant
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.