"Christmas is a time of great celebration for most of the world; there are some of us that find Christmas one of if not the hardest time of year. You are not alone , you don’t need to feel like a bad person because for some reason it isn’t a happy time for you. Enjoy what parts you can and most important “hang in there”. Remember you are not alone and people do care. I care even if you don’t know me because I understand and there are more like us."


"When you live life ever searching for perfection and symmetry to bring peace it's easy to get swept up in the sharp edges of a wrapped present or the perfect placement of a glittering Christmas bauble on an unblemished evergreen. Thankfully though, Christmas means more than that in my household and there's always someone around to help diffuse the stress of a dented gift box or a burnt out Christmas light on an otherwise glowing string and make sure the focus of the season stays where it should be and not on my mental illness."


"I like to think of us folks with mental illness as angels who’ve forgotten how to fly. During the Winter Holiday Season, I often feel overwhelmed with anxiety from all the perceived expectations and pressures. My fatigue and depression are more intense in the winter, making it difficult at times to act festive. I am so very fortunate to have loving and supportive family and friends. We can free ourselves from stigma, isolation and self- persecution through sharing, understanding, compassion and respect. Together we can heal and I pray we all do." 


"Christmastime for me is often a chance to practice more self-care than other times of the year. I sleep in, relax, drink hot cocoa, spend more time with friends and family - all of the things you're supposed to do during the most wonderful time of the year!"


"Christmas: snow softly falling below the street lamps while carols and hymns play quietly in the background. Family and friends gathering together sharing memories of Christmases gone by. That is what Christmas means to me."


"Christmas is a time of being well and being there for those who may be unwell."


"While the holiday season can be a joyous, fun-filled time with family and friends, for those battling mental health issues it can be just that much darker in the isolation caused by stigma. This year, in this time of joy, please reach out to someone you know is struggling and give them the best present they could ever get, your understanding and support!"





All songs for this compilation CD were donated to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia by the contributing artists.
2014 Granite Records. Made in Canada. Executive Producer: Lana Grant
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